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Taking Marketing to the Next Level with Disney Campaign Manager

by | Jul 11, 2024

When I founded digifora, we were aware of the enormous scale of our vision – and the explosive growth of our first few years has just been the beginning. 

Anyone who hears me talk about what we’re doing knows that I can’t say enough about our incredible team and how instrumental they’ve been in getting us to this point. The incredible companies that we serve are also an endless source of inspiration and a major reason we have been able to produce such stellar results so quickly.

There’s another piece to the digifora formula that plays an ongoing role in our success: our collaborations with other leading brands. 

I recently talked about how we’ve already become official Google Partners and the effect that has had on our growth. Now, I want to shed some light on a more unique collaboration with the folks over at Disney Advertising – and let me tell you right now, this special connection is supercharging our fractional CMO operation

Let’s take a closer look at how Disney Campaign Manager has become a major tool in our digital marketing toolbox.

Digifora’s Unique Collaboration With Disney Campaign Manager

When people ask me what it means to be a “fractional CMO,” one of the first things I have to clarify is that we’re not just consultants. Yes, we help with consulting and the big-picture marketing stuff, but fractional CMOs are hands-on. We get involved. We implement, execute, and help set things in motion.

A big part of that action-driven element is having the right tools in place. Some of these are long-term plays, like publishing owned content and building effective social media strategies. When it comes to generating immediate results, though, nothing beats paid media – and that’s where Disney Campaign Manager comes into the picture.

Most people think of Google Ads when they hear of paid media, and that’s definitely effective. But, a good CMO looks past a single promotional channel (especially one so over-saturated). 

According to the most recent public data as of this writing, Hulu and Disney+ have nearly 50 million and 150 millionsubscribers, respectively. This is a massive audience, and our unique connection with the brands has allowed us to run a number of campaigns specifically targeting their audiences.

Disney Campaign Manager allows us to reach people across the country wherever they’re watching their favorite Disney content. In the last two years, Disney Campaign Manager has run over 16,000 campaigns – with 58% of campaigns leveraging Disney Advertising’s audience targeting capabilities.

The scale and performance of these campaigns make our connection with Disney unique. Our relationship has come through the ongoing cultivation of a trusting relationship with their team (which is filled with incredible people, by the way). 

This concept of building a working relationship on trust is important for us. We have eight core values at digifora, and guess what the first one is? That’s right. It’s trust. Trust is the cornerstone of everything we do. We seek to nurture and reinforce trust in all of our interactions, which has allowed us to explore and build on this incredible opportunity with Disney.

Just to clarify, I’m not exaggerating when I say we’re building something special, too. We’re investing real time and effort into building the relationship. For example, recently, the digifora team was in New York City. Part of the purpose of our visit to the Big Apple was to visit Disney’s East Coast headquarters, connect with their internal team in person, and discuss education, training, platform changes, and opportunities in 2024.

Throughout our work with Disney, we’ve found a lot to be thankful for, too. For instance, along with accessing such a huge, targeted audience, we’ve found that every interaction with their team is seamless. Our Account Executive, Jacob, has been available to help with client research, reporting and training, and the Disney Campaign Manager team has always been there to help with questions and provide world-class support. 

How Disney Connection Improves digifora’s Services

The Disney connection is exciting. But how does it help our clients? How does a trusting collaboration like this improve our marketing services? The numbers are flashy, but other common advertisers have audiences in the hundreds of millions, too.

The answer is that working with Disney Campaign Manager offers our operation several specific advantages. For instance, the massive streaming audience is highly curated and consistently engaged thanks to the updated, one-of-a-kind content library that Disney maintains.

Another major factor is first-party data. Google is phasing out third-party cookies in the second half of 2024. In the wake of this transition, direct relationships with end audiences will become invaluable. Through Disney Campaign Manager, we can build campaigns that leverage first-party data insights across the Hulu and Disney ecosystems via Disney Select in a privacy-forward way.

We are using this marketing infrastructure to craft powerful, effective campaigns. By using this combination of engagement and targeted data through Disney Campaign Manager, we were able to deliver over one million impressions and reach over a half million views – and that was for a single digifora client.

Allow me to be cliché for a second and say that the potential here is enormous, and we’re just scratching the surface.

Delivering Dependable Results

There’s flash-in-the-pan marketing, and then there’s digifora. We use proven marketing tactics, a capable team, and the best tools, partnerships, and connections required to craft the best marketing strategy and then—critically—turn that vision into reality.

Disney Campaign Manager has become a central part of our digifora toolbox, and I’m excited to see where this collaboration takes both of our organizations as we move forward together. If you’re interested in learning more about the collaboration or any of our other fractional marketing services, reach out. I’d love to talk.