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An Update on digifora: Fractional CMO Growth and Hitting Benchmarks

by | Mar 10, 2024

When I got into the fractional CMO game, I knew I was in for a wild ride. The need for experienced, cost-effective marketing guidance is intensifying all the time. 

Still, the way digifora has grown in three short years is nothing short of astounding. The list of companies we’re helping becomes steadily bigger — and more diverse. We’ve worked with everyone at this point, from construction companies to executive search firms to mega-churches.

The rapid growth means our team is exploding, too, so fast it’s hard for me to keep track of the changes. That’s why I’m writing this. I want to give everyone (including myself) an update on our quickly accelerating fractional CMO brand, where we stand heading into 2024, and where we’re going next.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in. Welcome to the digifora experience.

A 2023 Retrospective: Crushing Benchmarks

When we launched digifora in 2021, we had no idea how fast we would grow. It’s hard to find realistic numbers that accurately reflect startup growth (most metrics don’t come with context). But I’ve got one that works pretty well.

As we wrapped up our third year as a company, we had already blown past our seven-year goals.

That’s right. We reached our seven-year benchmarks before our third birthday. I regularly joke that we must have been subconsciously sandbagging ourselves. Maybe we just really suck at setting goals. 

But seven years of growth and development in three? This still blows my mind every time I think about it.

Of course, I feel like I can brag about it because most of this doesn’t come from my personal efforts. Sure, I have overseen things. But the truth is, it’s our growing team that is making all of this possible, which is why I want to spend a few moments talking about them, too…

The Growing digifora Team

When we started digifora, it was Haley and me against the world. What I quickly found out, though, is that when you have a clear vision, plenty of energy, and some initial momentum, people see the value in what you’re bringing to the table. And when they can do that, it’s easier to get them in on the action.

Fast forward three years and digifora has been blessed with an infusion of top-level talent. I can’t speak highly enough of these folks, but I’ll just let their summaries do the talking for me.

Meet Jeremiah Gregory, Our Senior Director of Growth Marketing

Jeremiah is one of the more recent additions to our team. The myth, the man, the legend, Jeremiah is a master of media with a strong track record of matching marketing dollars with the right platforms, ads, and other digital media elements to drive growth.

As digifora’s Senior Director of Growth Marketing, Jeremiah will lead the planning, strategy, and execution of all of our media buying. He will direct millions of dollars in spending as he focuses on Growth Marketing for our clients, scaling their operations to the next level.

Meet Dennis Bradford, Our COO

Dennis joined us with nearly three decades of veteran experience building high-performing teams. He has spent plenty of time in the professional trenches building, training, and overseeing winning teams — and we’ve got him.

As digifora’s Chief Operating Officer, Dennis is working on our internal infrastructure. He’s overseeing systems, helping develop our corporate culture, and ensuring that we’re ready to keep scaling at every level with confidence.

Meet Todd Adkins, Our Head of Business Development

Todd and I have known each other for years now. Todd is a seasoned professional who has operated in a variety of key marketing positions, including as a framework builder and go-to-market strategist. He’s also filled the roles of podcaster and executive pastor.

I was able to persuade Todd to join our growing digifora team, where he is leading up Business Development. Moving forward, he’ll be contributing to client discovery as well as helping us find new tools, create new processes, and develop new strategies for many of the larger brands that we support.

Meet Jaron Pak, Our Lead Content Writer

Jaron is a lifelong wordsmith and entrepreneur, to boot. He’s spent over 15 years writing for hundreds of brands in countless industries. He is SEO-trained and understands what it takes to create a high-performing piece of content.

We found Jaron early in the startup process, and he’s helped set a standard of excellence when it comes to the content we create for both our own and our client’s brands. He is helping us build a wide selection of content offerings that can meet the unique needs of each organization.

Meet Sam Masih, Our Fractional Creative Director

Sam is our Swiss Army Knife. Before collaborating with our digifora team, Sam racked up a ton of high-profile experience working with leading global brands in the lifestyle fashion and action sports industry. Now, he’s helping digifora by guiding our creative decision-making.

The list of Sam’s talents feels endless. The man has experience in brand development and strategy. He also has an uncanny knack for storytelling and profound technical abilities in photography, videography, and both graphic and production design. He brings projects to life from the ground up and is a seasoned leader when it comes to building healthy, creative teams.

A Strong Start With Plenty of Potential Ahead

I’m proud of where we’ve come as a company so far. Digifora is ahead of our own goals, and our fractional CMO services are consistently enabling our clients to overachieve with their objectives, too.

Looking ahead at 2024 and beyond, we’re busy setting newer, bigger, better goals. We’ve got more employees, partners, and clients in the pipeline, and the future is bright.

We may have started strong, but we’re not finished yet. Not by a long shot. I see plenty of potential ahead, and our growing team is positioned to make the most of it. If you’re interested in coming along for the ride, now’s the time to get in on the action.

Let’s talk….