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Digifora Is Officially a Google Partner

by | Mar 25, 2024

Digifora has had nothing short of a stellar past few years. We posted an update in early 2024 highlighting some of the early goals we’ve hit — including blowing past our seven-year benchmarks in less than half that time. We’ve grown our team, expanded our services, and increased our presence as a leading fractional CMO in both the business and faith-based spaces.

Now, we’ve got another exciting piece to add to the marketing puzzle: digifora is officially a Google Partner

If you haven’t heard that term before (or you’re familiar with it but have no idea what it means), read on. We’ll briefly fill you in on what this exciting development is and why it’s such a big deal for the brands that we work with.

Digifora Has Achieved Google Partner Status

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. What does it even mean to be a Google Partner? 

In essence, becoming an official partner of the internet’s biggest search engine means we don’t just use Google Ads. We’re really good at it.

The truth is, as a fractional CMO agency, we work with Google a lot and have professionals on staff who know their PPC stuff. This is important, as successful pay-per-click ad campaigns are a critical aspect of ongoing success for the brands we work with. 

Our marketing strategies include internal, on-site elements like marketing audits and SEO-optimized content creation. It also focuses heavily on off-site promotions, like social media management and, yes, paid Google Ads. 

This is where digifora’s Senior Director of Growth Marketing comes into the picture. Jeremiah Gregory is the company’s master media buyer. He is the man behind the curtain, the chief architect, the maestro behind our Google Ad management. He crafts campaigns and personally directs millions of dollars in growth marketing spending. 

Jeremiah’s execution has helped to quickly boost brand awareness and activity for our associated brands. Along with the obvious success of our own partners, Jeremiah’s utilization of Google’s advertising channels has been so robust and consistent that it has earned digifora (and, by extension, our partner brands) the privilege of “Partner” status. 

To be clear, we’re not just blowing smoke here. Jeremiah has gotten us into rare air, folks. Becoming a Google Partner is an official process — and not an easy one at that. We’ve even been given our own page on the Google Partners Directory as recognition for the achievement. That certification comes from a few key factors:

  • Optimization score: Partners need to have at least a 70% optimization score. 
  • Overall spend: Partners must drop at least $10,000 consistently on their managed accounts every 90 days.
  • Google Ads certified: At least half of each partner’s team of strategists must be Google Ads certified.

Digifora has grown so quickly that we are already meeting and surpassing all of these criteria. We’re even killing it with a 99% optimization score! 

Our high performance and well-managed ad spend even earned us an invitation to Google’s headquarters in the Big Apple in mid-March. I was able to meet with their team and discuss future plans, opportunities, and initiatives between digifora and Google, all as a result of our stellar Google Ad performance.

What the New Partnership News Means Moving Forward

If you’re wondering what all of this means in terms of tangible, day-to-day benefits, that’s a good question.

A huge benefit is that we have better resources and support available now. According to Google, the mission of the partnership program is to empower companies like ours “through innovative tools, resources, and support to help their clients get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns.”

Along with access to more insights, education, and support, digifora has a healthy, ongoing rapport with the biggest search engine of them all. Now that we’re officially on Google’s radar, we can streamline questions and create effective PPC campaigns faster.

And that doesn’t even touch on the obvious fact: we’re just plain good at Google Ads. The proof is in the pudding. By the search engine’s own admission, we crush the paid ad game. We know how to expertly optimize and maximize PPC impact and aren’t afraid to work with large sums of money while ensuring that each individual penny is well spent.

Building Momentum

Digifora is in the business of building elite promotional campaigns that take brands to the next level. Google Ads is a big part of that process, and we’re taking the next step in that journey.If you’re ready to take that step with us, reach out. Our team can discuss your best options and explore what fractional CMO services can help your organization move onward and upward, no matter what your resources, industry, or goals might be.