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Dennis and the Baltimore Bridge: digifora’s COO Is Active on the Disaster Site

by | Apr 18, 2024

It’s no secret that I’m proud of our team. Earlier this year, I wrote an update on how digifora has blown past its seven-year benchmarks within three years. In that post, I emphasized the role that our incredible (and growing) team members have had in turning Haley and my vision into a reality so quickly.

While I’m proud of every member of this growing marketing family, there’s one person I want to spotlight at the moment: our COO, Dennis Bradford. As chief operating officer, Dennis helps with our internal infrastructure and company culture. 

At the moment, though, Dennis is on the ground in Baltimore overseeing the clean-up operation for a national emergency…

Dennis in Baltimore

As most of you know, during the early morning hours of 26 March 2024, while transiting outbound from Seagirt Marine Terminal, the M/V DALI allided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The allision left the vessel aground along the main navigation channel and resulted in a significant section of the bridge collapsing onto the vessel’s bow and into the Patapsco River. 

The bridge collapse also caused six contractor vehicles and seven workers to fall into the river. 

It didn’t take long for officials to realize that the disaster was going to require a lengthy clean-up period—which was bad news for the busy port that was blocked up by the collision.

Immediately following the incident, members of the response realized they needed to leverage the most qualified personnel from across the federal government and the shipping industry. Officials quickly stepped in. Experts from all walks of life, including the Coast Guard, Army, salvage divers, crane crews, and countless other heroic individuals, had to step up. Amongst those whom they called: Dennis Bradford.

Dennis has dedicated nearly three decades to serving as a military reservist, holding leadership roles at all levels. He began with a 14-year tenure in the Marine Corps Reserves, during which he attained the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and led Marines in Fallujah and Ramadi, Iraq. 

Dennis transitioned to the Coast Guard Reserves in 2011 after receiving a commission. As a member of the Coast Guard Reserves, Dennis has led in nearly all mission areas, including law enforcement, hurricane response, and as a Department of Defense liaison. Lieutenant Commander Bradford currently leads all Coast Guard reservists serving in South Carolina and Georgia.

Once Dennis arrived on the scene, he became one of the senior officials on the ground. We received the picture below as our fearless COO surveyed the destruction.  

Here’s another picture he sent us recently as he’s contributed to the clean-up operation from close up.

Dennis also sent us a link to this powerful video highlighting key elements of the disaster response efforts.

Dennis’ role and responsibilities in all of this are what I’m the most proud to see. At digifora, Dennis is our systems and processes guy. He oversees workflows and ensures that we stay on track and everything moves smoothly. 

He’s in a similar capacity in Baltimore, where he’s serving as a liaison between the government and the community. Dennis is doing what Dennis does best: keeping people connected and solving problems between different individuals and groups affected by the disaster. He was specifically called to the scene to be the calm in the chaos. 

We may be missing our COO at the moment, but we know that he isn’t just helping. He is a guiding force in resolving the bridge disaster and helping to bring the struggling surrounding area back to life as quickly as possible.

A Thank You to Digifora’s Numerous Military Connections

I can’t wrap things up without one more quick shout-out to the larger digifora military family. Dennis may be our only service member actively in service at the moment, but our team is connected to the U.S. military in multiple ways.

One of these is Dennis’ son, who just enlisted in the United States Marine Corps last year. Haley Cousins is also connected to nearly every military branch in one way or another. Her husband was in the Air Force, her father was a Marine, and her grandfathers were in the Army and the Navy. Even her brother-in-laws are in the Air Guard and Space Force! Here’s a picture of Tech Sergeant Cousins arriving home after his 7th and final deployment.

Whether it’s our coworkers, our family and friends, or those we’ve never met before, at digifora, we are immensely thankful for those who sacrifice so much for our freedoms and lives as Americans.

Today, we’re particularly proud of Dennis as he represents the digifora spirit on the ground in Baltimore. From trust to long-term commitment, teamwork to innovation, he is walking out many of the core values that make our services so special—even as he helps the citizens of Baltimore navigate this difficult time and get their disrupted lives back on track.