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Our formulaic approach to successful marketing is easy to follow. Best of all, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


The root of most marketing issues comes from a lack of vision, planning, and direction. Our consulting services are designed to provide whatever outside perspective is needed — be that a gentle push or a not-so-gentle shove — to give your marketing some much-needed momentum.


digifora founder, Justin Brackett, is no stranger to the stage. He can provide groups of all sizes with the mental and emotional ammunition required to recharge their marketing endeavors. With a decade and a half of elite experience in the marketing field, bringing Justin in as a guest speaker can breathe fresh energy into your marketing efforts. Justin also specializes in teaching the true meaning of marketing and how it can be applied in a new and urgent way for each company’s situation.


Inspiration is great. Consulting is key. But if you don’t have a coach by your side throughout the process, your marketing can quickly go off the rails. Our coaching services are designed to give you a wingman that can help guide you toward success. From one-on-one counsel to group brainstorming sessions, we’ll be ready to jump in whenever you need advice, an idea isn’t working, or you just need a little encouragement to stay the course.

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