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Jeremiah Gregory


With nearly two decades of experience, Jeremiah Gregory has excelled as a master in digital marketing, analytics, and advertising, distinguishing himself through the strategic management of multi-million dollar consumer advertising campaigns across various scales. 

His innovative work has significantly advanced customer experiences for organizations such as Hearst Television, Flow Automotive, and Reynolds American. Notably, Jeremiah was pivotal in developing a cross-platform digital retailing solution that revolutionized the way customers engage with purchasing and ownership processes. This breakthrough not only granted customers greater autonomy but also established a new standard for the ownership experience. Jeremiah’s dynamic and impactful approach to marketing solutions highlights his unmatched capability to transform customer interactions into engaging, seamless, and highly effective experiences.

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Fractional CMO vs. Consultant

Fractional CMO vs. Consultant

A fractional CMO and a marketing consultant are not the same thing. Consultants tend to take a hands-off approach to things, where digifora, as CMO, takes a fully integrated hands-on approach with every aspect of marketing and your marketing team.