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Haley Veturis

Haley Veturis, Partner at digifora, was a pioneer in helping churches understand the importance of a great social media strategy. She spent 12 years at two mega-churches, including Saddleback Church under Rick Warren & Bayside Church, 2019’s fastest-growing church in the nation.

Haley has been a staple in the church communications conference circuit, was one of Christianity Today’s Top 33 Under 33, and is a collaborator on the book, Trending Up: Social Media Strategies For Today’s Church. As an influencer in the space, she has hosted private social media summits at The White House, Facebook, and Lionsgate Studios, to name a few. 

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The 4 Do’s and Dont’s of YouTube Analytics

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Fractional CMO vs. Consultant

A fractional CMO and a marketing consultant are not the same thing. Consultants tend to take a hands-off approach to things, where digifora, as CMO, takes a fully integrated hands-on approach with every aspect of marketing and your marketing team.