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5 Elements Every Good Marketing Campaign Plan Should Have

by | Feb 24, 2022

The marketing campaign plan checklist by digifora

Running a marketing campaign is like being the quarterback of your company’s initiative; If the marketing campaign is wildly successful, you get the credit. If the marketing campaign is an utter failure, you get the credit. At digifora, we understand how overwhelming this can feel. It’s a lot of weight to carry.  We’ve worked with many companies on specific marketing campaign plans and have shared in the burden of pressure. Here’s what we have learned; a failure to plan is a plan for failure. It’s simple but it’s true. All great marketing campaign plans have a great strategy behind them and all great strategies begin with a plan. 

 If you need a starting point, look no further. We’ve assembled a marketing campaign plan checklist to help you build a successful plan with five essential elements: 

  1. Identify the Campaign Objective, Goal & KPI

First, begin planning for your marketing campaign by identifying the overall goals and objectives. There is always a “why” behind every initiative. Your job, as a marketer, is to identify the purpose of your marketing campaign which should lead to identifying the campaign’s main KPI (key performance indicator). We understand that some campaigns can get overcomplicated, which is why it’s so crucial to identify the overall marketing campaign goal and stick to it like glue. If the goal or objective is to raise awareness around an initiative, set the KPI as a specific number you intend to reach or impressions you want to achieve. If the campaign goal is to generate sales around a specific product, set a specific number of conversions you’d like to see your marketing campaign reach. If you keep your focus on the campaign’s goal, reaching your KPI will not be a surprise but rather the arrival to your campaign’s destination. 

  1. Establish a Main CTA 

The CTA is the entire reason you’re running a marketing campaign. You have a specific action that you want your audience to take, in order to meet your goal and it’s crucial that you tell them how to get there. People will go where you lead them. Don’t be afraid to make the ask. If you have something of value that you believe people absolutely need, make it clear how they can get it. Some CTA examples include “Register now,” “Reserve Your Seat,” “Contact Us,” “Download now,” or “Learn more.” The clearest call to action will always deliver the best results. A clear CTA will always deliver the best results.

  1. Set a Campaign Timeline with ETAs 

All great campaigns have a beginning and an end. Make sure to establish your campaign launch date in a reasonable timeframe according to your CTA. If you are making a big ask, give your marketing team at least 6-8 weeks to prepare the assets needed to launch your campaign successfully. A great campaign will also have an end date. This will help you establish the length and spend for ads, the content, and resources needed to sustain your campaign, and should give you time to make adjustments for optimal results midway through. It also gives your team a very valuable light at the end of the campaign tunnel. 

  1. Clarify a Marketing Budget 

No one really likes talking about money, especially at the beginning of a campaign. Some leaders get tunnel vision and forget that you have to make initial investments in order to reap the benefits. Budget is a conversation that needs to be had sooner, rather than later. Set your ideal budget upfront so that you know how to maximize it to achieve your campaign goals. This will also help you set reasonable expectations with your leadership on what they can expect to achieve with the campaign budget given. Pro Tip: Budgets do not have to be rigid. Leave room for flexibility and do not be afraid to ask for more money, especially if your campaign has gained momentum and additional dollars will help push it even further. 

  1. Identify Creative Resources Available 

Now that you have a campaign with a goal/KPIs, a CTA, a timeline, and a budget, it’s time to identify the resources that are available to you to make this marketing campaign successful. A great place to start is with messaging. Pique your customer’s curiosity through the language that you use and the story that you invite them into. Is your campaign solving a problem that your customer has? Have others seen success in using your product or service? Communicate it. Once you have clearly mapped out your content, then focus on creative content that will complement it. Create blogs or articles in support of your campaign. Develop a drip email marketing campaign that takes the customer on a journey depending on their engagement. Engage your audience on appropriate social media channels. Identify podcasts or blogs that might allow you to be a guest speaker or write on. The possibilities are endless. 

All great campaigns have a great strategy behind them and all great strategies begin with a plan.

All great campaigns have a great strategy behind them and all great strategies begin with a plan. It is our hope that this resource will give you the confidence you need to ask the right questions from the start and set you up for success when developing your own marketing campaign. We realize that all campaigns are not created equal. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with pressure by the campaign that’s coming your way and could use some extra brain power, message us and a team member will be more than happy to see how we can help. Another great place to start is by conducting a marketing audit. Digifora specializes in this service and has conducted marketing audits for companies who need to know if their marketing efforts are actually yielding results. Learn more about our marketing audit here.  After all, at digifora, we develop marketing strategies that yield results, build trust, and give you peace of mind.