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Marketing strategies that yield results, build trust and give you peace of mind.

digifora Update

by | Oct 10, 2021

digifora update: So at this point, unless we’ve just become friends, you know that I started my own company, that we are growing, that I brought on Haley as a business partner, and since then, we’ve brought on some amazing clients, we’ve already had a conversation of being bought out… and if you’ve followed along closely you know that at digifora results and trust go hand in hand. You also understand that we develop marketing strategies that yield results and give peace of mind, knowing you’ve found a marketing team you can trust.

BUT what you don’t know, that the last three months have been the hardest of my life.

That owning your own company is the hardest thing you can do because there is no one to blame that things didn’t go the way you.

That you will lose clients you want to keep for no reason other than things change.

That people will steal your things and call them their own.

That people will talk about you, then say you are the issue.

That your clients will hire you to do something, and never let you do what they hired you to do.

That you will have a hard time knowing how to grow your company.

That you will have sleepless nights, wondering what is going on.

That the products you think will make you a million dollars will fall flat on its face.

BUT, but… at the end of the workweek, when you are tired and wondering what the hell is going on, you still are excited to get back to work on Monday, because your destiny is in your hands.

So thank you to our supporters, doubters, copycats, thieves, and clients; you’ve made us better, stronger, and we love you all. Buckle up we are just getting started.